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Cryptocurrencies are quite popular for their volatility and price swings. Investors are exposed to different market seasons comprising multiple cycles of scorching-hot summers which are characterized by excitement followed by frigid, long winters of decreased market momentum or low propensity for investment.

During the colder period of the markets, the rapid decline in market positions could become acute for profit hunting investors, who are usually forced to convert their assets into stablecoins in order to preserve its value from getting eroded by bear market effects. Generally, a novice investor can easily achieve passive returns in a bull market by investing in ‘better to follow the general trend’. But in bear markets, FOMO emotions due to high cryptocurrency volatility make it difficult to make good decisions as well as achieve sustained profits.

The stablecoin aims to allow users avoid volatility. It ensures cryptocurrency can act as a store of value rather than a risky investment shutter. Since it is has been observed that majority of users tends to hibernate into stablecoin whenever the market is in doubt for long, having a stablecoin accrual protocol that can allow users to put their idle stablecoins into active profitability is desirable. This could be achieved using a combination of ROI and staking processes that are capable to offer financial wealth bailout and relief.

While there are many protocols that offer yield opportunity to stablecoins holders, only a few of them are able to offer high return yield on deposits. Also, most of the yield rate offered by these protocols are not fixed or guaranteed. In fact, some of these yield decreased with declining market situation.

The desire to have a stablecoin accrual protocol that can shoot users into wealth even in a bear market as well as allow them to earn fixed direct rewards regardless of contract balance fluctuations, led a team of well experienced developers in DeFi landscape to launch Wealth Mountain. The team behind Wealth Mountain took inspiration from protocols like DRIP and Avarice to create a direct dApp where users can work strictly with stablecoins without worrying about bear market price fluctuations.

1. Wealth Mountain: The Premier Stablecoin Accrual Protocol

Wealth Mountain is a stablecoin accrual protocol that allows users to build passive income by staking stablecoins in a low risk environment. As an investment accrual protocol, Wealth Mountain is backed by a diversified investment wallet that continuously generates yield using a variety of earning vehicles and it is designed to pay flat rates returns in BUSD / USDC. It is a protocol that can act as a layer of protection for users that want to make gains in DeFi, but may not be the well-equipped to do so.

The goal of the protocol is to design a long-term, sustainable, and easy-to-use source of consistent stablecoin accrual. The team behind Wealth Mountain brought their experience to bear through the creation of this direct dApp where users can work strictly with stablecoins without worrying about bear market price fluctuations.

As a transparent ‘low-risk’ protocol in a ‘high-risk’ DeFi environment, Wealth Protocol does not place any limitation on users’ investment but rather gives them full control over their assets. Wealth Mountain team does not take custody of users’ funds for investments but rather, the protocol has been able to incorporate a way to judiciously utilize fees generated from stakes and unstakes transactions. The fees generated by the protocol are not paid out to users, but rather, they are invested in a diversified pool. More details will be provided on this in the next section.

2.Diversification Wallet Dedicated to Earning Additional Yield.

Wealth Mountain is a unique wealth protocol that may not exactly fit into a regular DeFi categorization because it combines multiple approaches of traditional ROI protocol together with that of staking protocol. It is powered by a diversified investment fund or a diversified wallet that gives the protocol additional yield for guaranteed sustainability.

As I said earlier, the protocol relies to a large extent on fees which serve as the major financial catalysts and basis of investment reward generation. This fee ensures that there is always money in the contract for longevity and safe investment backings. Aside from this, the protocol invests fees into ROI dApps in the space to create more funding for the smart contract. Specifically, Wealth Mountain will invest its diversification wallet in multiple market sectors and curated projects in areas such as in Lending Protocols, Liquidity Mining, New DeFi Projects and Validator Hosting.

As time goes on, Wealth Mountain has plans to enable community voting for ecosystem users to vote on which protocol they would like Wealth Mountain to support.

3.Stake and Unstake your Initial at Any Time.

Wealth Mountain is based on the open game theory of DeFi and gives users complete freedom and control of their assets. Unlike other platforms that keep users’ fund locked and inaccessible for a particular duration, Wealth Mountain do not take custody of users’ funds for investments. Rather, Wealth Mountain allows its users the liberty to stake and unstake anytime without worrying about losing their initials.

With the freedom of entry and exit unconditionally given to users, their power of decision is respected. If users are not satisfied with the protocol after joining it, they can unstake their assets with less hassle and not having to wait for a countdown period to wind down. Similarly, if they are impressed with the protocol, they can stake more assets and create a new pool to continue to earn more reward.

4.Effective Fees Model

Wealth Mountain has a fee system that is designed to incentivize more stablecoin accrual over a long duration. Volume in and out of the protocol helps the platform to thrive. Fees are diversified across different asset classes and diversification vehicles. Wealth Mountain build up leverage through fees to invest in diversified investments and the protocol has a long-term goal to reach a threshold where revenue will outweigh any requirements for new investors.

The protocol has a10% flat fee on all initial stakes (both stake and unstake). However, this comes with a stake longevity bonus. Unstaking attracts starting fees of 10% but decreases depending on the numbers of days your stake has stayed in the pool. What this mean is that users who leave stake for a longer time are able to reduce their unstaking fees. For example, if your stakes are left for up to 50 days, your unstaking fees will be drastically reduced to 2%. In addition, users do not pay fees when collecting or compounding their earnings as well as referral rewards.

5.Fully Autonomous Smart Contract with Zero Developer Interference

The Wealth Mountain protocol was designed to be fully decentralized. This means the Wealth Mountain team has no access or control over value locked in it or Smart Contract balance. Users control the health and liquidity of each Smart Contract for each chain.

All users fund are held in immutable Smart Contract and are not held by the team. The developers do not have advantage over other users and they have no permissions to change anything related to the protocol. All the operations of the protocol such as yields, fees and mechanism are hard coded into the smart contract. This means that fees cannot be changed, yields cannot be adjusted and mechanics cannot be altered. If there is a significant need to adjust parameters, it can only be done by deploying a new contract version and all affected users will be notified before such actions are undertaken.

6.Rewards Increase over time with Retroactive Growth.

Wealth Mountain provides a flat direct stablecoin deposits and withdrawals with a flat daily return and no miner mechanics is involved in the process. Its fees leveraging system based on active investing strategies allows it to be able to pay a 1–5% per day reward on users’ stake.

Every user can begin to collect a 1% daily yield beginning from day 1 of staking. As the protocol grows and the users grow into the protocol, their yield increase retroactively, that is, they will multiply. For example, after about 20 days of staking, users yield would have risen to 2% and by the time a user have stayed in the pool for about 50 days duration, such user can already enjoy a flat yield of 5% daily.

Users can collect their reward anytime or they can decide to compound their earnings using the compound function. However, whenever a user collect their earnings, all stakes will reset to day 1 level yield. Similarly, when you compound, a new stake is created and this also reset the stake yield to 1%

7.Wealth Combinator

Although the primary goal of Wealth Mountain is to ensure that users can earn flat reward on their stablecoins, in addition to this, it has created a DeFi investment support arm which is referred to as wealth combination. As part of wealth mountain goal to support interesting and exciting DeFi projects, wealth combinator will offer guidance and provide a framework for projects to turn their vision into reality.

Projects will be able to leverage on the sagacity and reputation of Wealth Mountain team and its entire ecosystem infrastructure to reach and reassure their target audience. In addition, they will receive strategic guidance from a well-experienced team in the DeFi space as well as funding to build without limit and make impacts at an optimized Cost Revenue Ratio.

Summarily, the wealth combinator is capable of offering a wide spectrum of opportunities to DeFi projects to create values as long as they will be able to fulfill or abide with the following conditions:

  • Funding and Smart Contract deployment is to be done under Wealth Mountain team guidance secured by a multi-sig wallet.
  • Audit selection is subject to approval by the Wealth Mountain team.
  • Funding terms are to be hard-coded in Smart Contracts where applicable.
  • Wealth Mountain reserves the right to reject capital applications based on team vetting procedures, history, and social standing.

With this collective and contributive building process, the coast is clear for everyone who is interested to build a dependable wealth base and translate their lofty project ideas or aspirations into reality.

8.Closing thoughts

The number of life-changing opportunities being made in the DeFi space on a daily basis is nothing to be ignored. It is clear that far-reaching success and financial freedom can be achieved for a lot of people irrespective of the market season if they are aware and invest in the right project that will enable them to earn right rewards at the right times.

To this end, Wealth Mountain can be one of the leaders in the DeFi space that can ensure guaranteed fixed reward. Its ecosystem that pays users a flat reward of stablecoin accrual can provide a much needed profit cushion in multiple market cycles, most especially during bear markets when investment emotions as well as profit margins are down due to price decreases and macro-economic uncertainty.

As a protocol that do not have access to users deposits and where users are positioned in complete control of their deposits, Wealth Mountain automated smart contract activities that are executed with zero developers interference ensures the protocol can serves as a layer of protection for users that want to earn wealth. At the same time, new projects can leverage the resources within the ecosystem, find supports for the germination of their nascent project ideas into maturation and grow their DeFi dreams into reality with less hassle and risks.




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