Doragon Land ($DOR)

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In today’s featured article we will be looking at Doragon Land — a new NFT 3D Card that promises to be very exciting and unique in all its features. I usually delve into preambles giving a preliminary & contextual project introduction — but not this time! Being very much the nerdy type (I think I’ve already stated that several times already in the past!), I can’t wait to get into the details and features of this upcoming blockchain-based game… and I hope you are too!

We have a lot to cover so… Let’s find out what the Doragon Land game is and what its team has in store for us!

  1. What is Doragon Land?

Doragon Land is a 3D fighting NFT game that integrates card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced “Dragon Warrior battles”, where players can duel one another to collect loot & prizes. The main game rewards are NFT items but also $DOR tokens that are earned in real-time.

The game brings quite the hype: Doragon Land is inspired by the thrilling gameplay of Clash Royale and powered by the leading artwork design studio known as Asia Thunder Cloud Studio.

There’s no shame if you don’t know them… but let me tell you this: Asia Thunder Cloud Studio is considered one among the most famous 3D Game-Art Studios when it comes to cinematic and groundbreaking world-class graphics for games, having delivered high-quality 3D Game trailers and animations for internationally-renowned clients like Square Enix, DreamWorks, Universal Studio, Sanrio, Zynga, Scopely, IGG, YooZoo, and many more!

This piece of information should be enough to get most gamers’ attention… it surely managed to get mine!

  1. Doragon Land’s Concepts and Vision

Doragon Land has been designed to bring a unique experience to players. For that purpose the Doragon Land’s team has enriched the game experience with several palatable characteristics:

Immediate: anyone can immediately take part in a Doragon Land game, thanks to easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics and user-friendly gaming UIs, favoring new players’ adoption.

Challenging Matches: while the game’s immediate and easy to master, it does not imply gameplay triviality. Each player will have to fight against other opponents on different levels to climb to the top of leaderboards & arenas, making each match always challenging.

Play-To-Earn: besides the exciting gameplay, players get the attractive opportunity to reap rewards in the form of $DOR tokens and in-game NFT items. This enriches players’ in-game value while playing Doragon Land.

Tournaments & eSports: the Doragon Land team is actively aiming to bring the game into the eSports world in a not-so-distant future. This will be a determining factor in the future development of Doragon Land in general.

ClanWar: unlike many existing GameFi projects where the game, ranking modes, and rewards are single-player-based, in Doragon Land users will be able to join forces, by creating new clans. These clans can earn group rewards through a special game mode, known as “ClanWar”.

On the above-mentioned cool stuff, some additional features make Doragon Land worth its while.

  1. Outstanding features of Doragon Land

When it comes to Doragon Land’s in-game world, players will have the chance to experience other built-in functionalities:

  • Marketplace: this is where players will be able to buy weapons & items to upgrade their Dragon Warriors. On the marketplace, they will also be able to trade items with other players for a profit.
  • Staking: staking will, by definition, enable users’ staking. What can be staked? Doragon Land’s NFT items, of course. Staking will yield $DOR tokens rewards.
  • Ownership: Doragon Land Players are guaranteed ownership of their Dragon Warriors and also the NFT items they’ve received/equipped. This is possible since the game is based on the blockchain — which, in Doragon Land’s case, is the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.
  • NFT collectibles: as stated earlier, participating in Doragon Land’s game, allows players to collect valuable items of various NFT qualities. Some even of formidable power for their Dragon Avatars.

So we understood that, in Doragon Land, every Dragon Warrior and every item has its own, unique characteristics. Each Dragon character, in particular, is a unique legendary character, with unique powers… and players compete with each other to prove who is the strongest and achieve the highest rank in the Doragon Land Universe!

  1. Spotlight: Doragon Land’s Dragons

There are 7 Dragon Warriors: Doragon, Orc Giant, Baby Dragon, Dual -Dragon, Iron Fire Dragon, Sharp Eye Dragon, Vanguard Dragon.

  • Doragon is a flying killer. It specializes in dealing high damage to single targets with its offensive melee ability and is also super useful to support teammates when the battle requires to quickly dealing damage, either when on an attacking or defending spot/enemy.
  • The Orc Giant is… well… a giant with wings! As one of the top, leading Dragons, it bears all the features of a strong tank that can blast enemies with highly damaging melee attacks.
  • Don’t be fooled by its name: the Baby Dragon is a master in dealing with massive short-range damage. The Baby Dragon can also fly at an altitude that allows it to attack enemies without receiving damage.
  • The Dual Dragon is skilled at dealing damage on the medium-range creature and is also capable of targeting both air and ground. It features both attack speed and excellent damage skills but is best suited for defense purposes.
  • The Iron Fire Dragon is amazing when it comes to singling out a target, thanks to its impressive melee damage and high damage rating.
  • The Sharp Eye Dragon is the long-ranger of the group. It’s great at supporting team fire, thanks to its ability to target both air and ground.
  • The Vanguard Dragon is the Dragon you wouldn’t want to face head-on thanks to its counter-attacking skills.

Now that we’ve reviewed the main characters of the game, let’s have a look at the gameplay.

  1. Doragon Land’s Battle Gameplay

In Doragon Land, players can build their own powerful Dragon army and fight against other players (or the AI) in battles that feature different game modes and via a carefully crafted matchmaking system. The ultimate goal of the game is to level up, in the attempt to climb to the top of the leaderboard and take control of the Doragon Essence treasure.

The game seamlessly integrates several elements that are typical of tower defense games, RTS, and collectible card games. Doragon Land places players in a two or four-player game setting (that is, either 1v1 or 2v2) where the aim is to destroy the opponent’s towers and — finally — also the opponent’s Master Tower, which represents the final, instant battle condition leading to a player’s game victory.

In Doragon Land each game (again either 1v1 or 2v2) takes the form of a “knockout” match, in the sense that the side that first destroys the opponent’s Master Tower literally knocks out the opponent and wins the game. Games are also designed with a time limit for the match, which is 2 minutes. If within those 2 minutes both sides destroy the same number of towers, then the battle will be extended for an additional minute.

In the event that no winning condition is met during the extra time, the final winner will be decided based on the amount of damage they’ve dealt the opponent. It is also possible for a match to end in a draw: that’s the case when the amount of damage dealt by both sides is equal.

  1. PlayToEarn Mechanics, Cards, Quests, and Additional Features

There are many opportunities for players to earn attractive in-game rewards:

  • Participate in in-game activities.
  • Compete in PVP battles for awesome leaderboard prizes.
  • Collect and trade Dragons and items.
  • Unlock rewards with the Battle Pass — these are various missions that players can complete to earn points. Reaching a certain point threshold will then unlock extra rewards for the player.

Cards (Cards)

Playable troops, buildings, and spells are represented as cards. Before each match, players build a deck of eight cards that they will use both offensively and defensively against their opponent’s cards. At the beginning of each battle, only 4 out of these 8 cards will be randomly selected cards and be assigned to the player.

Each card costs a certain amount of mana to play. The player starts the battle with 5 energy points, and 1 energy point is replenished every 2 seconds for a maximum of 10 energy points. After a card is played, a new card is automatically drawn from the player’s eight-card deck.

Each card can belong to one out of four rarity levels (Basic, Rare, Epic, Legendary) and up to a maximum of 13 levels.


Players in Doragon Land can embark on single-player missions, known as quests. These can be daily quests or weekly quests and present themselves with different difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, extreme). By completing these quests users get prizes/rewards, whose value is also dependent on the quest’s difficulty level.

Clans and Clan Wars

As explained earlier in the article, users can form or join clans. Joining a clan or creating one requires a user to have attained level 10. Clan players can participate in competitive battles or clan wars and have access to specific in-game clan features. In order to wage war against another Clan, a Clan has to have a minimum of 10 clan members that have reached at least level 8 or higher. When two Clans are battling, each player from each Clan will participate in 3 battles in different game modes (game modes are randomly defined every month). After completing a battle, the winning player is rewarded with cards, which accrue the Clan’s cards collection and Arena points (see below).

Leaderboards and Arenas in Doragon Land

Arenas are battlefields where players can compete to win Trophies. Arena victories lead to higher rankings, which in turn lead to more rewards. The matchmaking system creates matches based on each player’s ranking (which is based on the total number of arena battles won).

  1. Doragon Land Token Economics ($DOR)

Here’s some basic information about the $DOR native token:

  • Token Name: Doragon Land
  • Code: $DOR
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Token Standard: BEP — 20
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Token Address Contract: 0x3465fd2d9f900e34280abab60e8d9987b5b5bb47
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $DOR tokens

In Doragon Land, the $DOR token has several use-cases:

  • Gameplay: Players use $DOR tokens to buy Dragons and trade items on the Marketplace. Once your Dragons are battle-equipped, players will be able to battle other players to increase their rank and win prizes.
  • Marketplace: $DOR is the main currency used to transact on the Marketplace and earn extra income, by selling equipment and other NFT items.
  • GameFi: On top of the PlayToEarn feature, players will be able to earn additional passive income by staking their NFTs.
  • In-Game Settlements/Lending: Token holders will be able to set up payments and experience specific GameFi functions like staking or lending NFT items.

$DOR Token Allocation

According to the whitepaper, $DOR tokens will be distributed according to the following allocation plan:

  • Team: Allocated at 15% for 150,000,000 $DOR, then locked for 12 months, with linear vesting for 24 months.
  • Advisors: Allotted at the rate of 5% corresponding to 50,000,000 $DOR. Then fully locked for 6 months, then split 12.5% ​​quarterly.
  • Seeds: Allotted at a rate of 4% corresponding to 40,000,000 $DOR. Target plan is 7% at TGE, temporarily locked for 3 months, then linearly distributed over 18 months.
  • Private Sales: Allocated at the rate of 11% corresponding to 110,000,000 $DOR. 9% plan at GIE, 2-month course, and linear allocation over 15 months.
  • Public Sale: Allocated at the rate of 1.5% corresponding to 15,000,000 $DOR. As planned, 33% at TGE, 33% in the first month and 34% in the second month.
  • Ecosystem Fund: Allocated at the rate of 13% corresponding to 130,000,000 $DOR. As planned, 5% unlocked with the game’s release. Followed by a 10-months, then unlocked quarterly.
  • In-game rewards: Allotted at the rate of 33% corresponding to 330,000,000 $DOR. Temporarily locked for 1 month, then linear distribution for 35 months.
  • Marketing: Allocated at the rate of 13.5% corresponding to 135,000,000 $DOR. As planned, 5% at TGE, distributed within 24 months.
  • AirDrop: Allocated at a rate of 2% corresponding to 20,000,000 $DOR.
  • Listing: Allotted at a rate of 2% corresponding to 20,000,000 $DOR.

The following infographic gives us a visual aid to sum it all up:

  1. Doragon Land Development Team and Partners

Doragon Land’s core development team is public (definitely not a thing to take for granted in the crypto space!) and includes:

  • Susan Tran — CEO and Co-Founder
  • Tony Tran — Advisor, CEO, and Co-Founder
  • Adam Ngo — Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
  • Jess Nguyen — Marketing Director and Co-Founder
  • Kent Nguyen — Executive Producer and Co-Founder
  • Dzung Phung Dinh — Art Director and Co-Founder.
  • Zoey Hoang — 3D Director.
  • Vincent Nguyen — Artists Team Leader.
  • Ricky Lee — UX/UI Developer.
  • Paul Nguyen — 3D Artist.
  • Vasily Chu — 3D Artist.
  • Chang Chang — Game Producer
  • Louis Phan — 3D / Concept Artist.
  • Richard Hoang — Software engineer and system operator.

Also, along with Creator Platform, Doragon Land has formed several solid partnerships: the most celebrated of which has probably been the partnership with HUB Global — the organization that contributed to the success of many illustrious game projects such as Heroes & Empires, MyMasterWar, Moniwar, MYTHeria, and many more!

But the list of Doragon Land’s strategic partnerships doesn’t end here: among these, we can enumerate collaborations with some amazing names such as ExNetwork, V2B Labs, GAIN Associates, OIG Investment Group, LuaVC, and TomoChain. These strong backers set up all the premises for Doragon Land to become a unicorn in the NFT gaming industry.

  1. Doragon Land’s Roadmap

What’s coming next in Doragon Land’s future? Here’s a quick overview of the roadmap that has been laid out by the team:

Q4 2021

  • Doragon Land Game Referral Promotion
  • Capital mobilization
  • NFT Trading Market
  • Captcha & Loot Box
  • I DO
  • MVP
  • Deposit

Q1 2022

  • PvP
  • Set up Play to Earn
  • Chart
  • Tournaments

Q2 in 2022

  • Organize launch events
  • PvE
  • Update and upgrade gameplay
  • Launch of NFT. equipment
  • Turnover

Q3 in 2022

  • DAO platform
  • World map
  • Open for sale NFT Land
  • Release
  • Turnover

Future development

  • Clan system
  • Friend system
  • World War Map
  1. Conclusion

Doragon Land has the potential to become one of the leading 3D blockchain games in the space. One where players can join the fray, have lots of fun, and also earn a tidy sum while doing that. The project’s declared mission is to contribute to the development of the gaming industry, but also to act as a beacon in the P2E realm, bringing its users real GameFi features and tangible financial rewards by simply playing the game. The Doragon Land game’s clear development direction and amazing partnerships can only add more to the value of the project. I’m personally curious to see if and when Axie Infinity’s throne will be overthrown… given the team’s pedigree, I’m asking you: how much would you bet that Doragon Land is up to the challenge?

  1. Community and Social Channels (as of December 17th, 2021)

Doragon Land’s Website

For everything you need to know about Doragon Land, visit the official Doragon Land Website.

Doragon Land’s Telegram

Join the conversation on Telegram to stay in the know about Doragon Land.

Doragon Land’s Medium

To keep up with the latest updates from Doragon Land, follow them on their official Medium page.

Doragon Land’s Twitter

Get in touch and social with other members of Doragon Land’s community. Join the community on Twitter.




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